2021 was the 10th anniversary of Seasons Flow, my blog about nature in Ohio. Let’s take a look at some past highlights!

Here’s my first blog post- you can see my photographic equipment has come pretty far since then.

Two Birds, One Photo.

The following in-depth article (that was eventually moved to Ohio History and Travel) I was quite proud of.

The Life, Death and Rebirth of Ohio’s Prairies.

Memorable incidents that happened to me made their way onto the blog, such as the following:

North America’s Rarest Warbler.

A Warbler Trapped in a Duck Blind.

Marsh Birds part 3: King (or Queen) of the Marsh.

This young Blue Jay’s parent smacked me in the back of my head!

A Mallard family adventure.

Certain times of the year were just fun to photograph-

Autumn Foliage.

Although I liked writing about birds, a lot of readers came to the blog to read about wildflowers-

Late Summer Wildflowers: A Spectacular Purple Giant.

May Wildflowers in Ohio.

There were posts about animals as well-

A Greenway Trail Spring Surprise. (Red Fox)

White Wildlife, part 2 – A Ghostly Figure in the Woods.

I started posting about places and travelogues across Ohio, which led to me creating the Ohio History and Travel Blog.

Ohio’s Largest State Park.

The Blog Index has 10 years worth of interesting topics, check it out!

Here’s a few series of posts I’ve done that I’m happy with-

Essays about Ohio’s Months

January in Ohio

February in Ohio

March in Ohio

April in Ohio

May in Ohio

June in Ohio

July in Ohio

August in Ohio

September in Ohio

October in Ohio

November in Ohio

December in Ohio

Best Bird Photos of the Year

Bird Pictures from 2015

Bird Pictures from 2016

Bird Pictures from 2017

Bird Pictures from 2018

Bird Pictures from 2019

Bird Pictures from 2020

Last but not least, there was the Peanut Gallery series of posts- observing nature right at my doorstep.

2011 outside my front door

2012 outside my front door

2013 outside my front door

2014 outside my front door

2015 outside my front door

2016 on my patio

2017 on my patio

2018 on my patio

2019 on my patio

Where have the years gone? It’s amazing to think of it.

Seasons Flow (and Ohio History and Travel) are still going, but now on a quarterly posting basis. There will be 4 new posts a year at January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. If you don’t see a new post here at Seasons Flow then, check over at Ohio History and Travel.

Many thanks for reading, and Happy New Year! 🙂