It’s time for the 3rd annual bird photo highlights, 2017 edition!

Here’s bird highlights from 2015 and 2016 if you’d like to take a look.

This Green Heron was crouching low in the water, looking for little fish

An immature Bald Eagle, a species that is increasing in Ohio.  It will get its white head when it is an adult

A male Yellow Warbler singing


A Ring-Billed Gull, a numerous inland seagull, hangs out at a local reservoir

An American Tree Sparrow, a winter resident

A Red-Tailed Hawk soars over Madison Lake on a sunny February day

Caspian Terns like to stop by beaches on their migrations

A Ruby-Crowned Kinglet flashes his ruby crown

A male Eastern Towhee

A Winter Wren looks for food

A Marsh Wren peeks out of the Cattails to keep an eye on me

A Carolina Wren sings its loud song

A White-Crowned Sparrow

A Cedar Waxwing about to feast on Wild Grapes

A Yellow-Rumped Warbler eating one of its favorites- Poison Ivy berries

Two young Barn Swallows check out the wide world

A Gray-Cheeked Thrush looks out from a wood-edge

A Gray Catbird shows off its rufous untertail

A Dark-Eyed Junco, another winter sparrow


A male Bobolink keeping an eye on his summer field

A Solitary Sandpiper- true to its name, it is alone

A squawking Common Grackle

A pair of Wood Ducks at a local nature preserve

A Willow Flycatcher patrols its territory in a summer field

A Sora Rail looks for food in the Darby Wetlands

An Eastern Phoebe hanging out on a cabin porch in the rain

A Chestnut-Sided Warbler

A Red-Headed Woodpecker- one of my favorite birds to see

A few of the new species I saw last year:

A Common Tern

A rare (for Ohio) White Ibis

A Ruddy Turnstone, far more common along ocean beaches than inland reservoirs where I saw it

Birds with stories attached:

A Robin and a male Red-Winged Blackbird band together to mob a hawk

A Canada Warbler on spring migration- I’ve had a devil of a time getting a decent picture of this species, I was very happy to get this photo!

A Bell’s Vireo singing its distinctive song at Prairie Oaks Metro Park.  This onetime-rare Ohio species is showing up in small but regular breeding numbers in the last few years.

Hanging out on the picnic tables at Alum Creek State Park, these Turkey Vultures enjoy the early-morning sun.  They like these perches as I often see a good number of them there.

Typical gull behavior- A Ring-Billed Gull has a prize fish to eat, but must walk quickly away from a buddy trying to snatch the prize!  This happened on the beach at Alum Creek, a frequent location for uncommon birds (though Ring-Bills are common here).

This male Common Goldeneye duck was seen at Prairie Oaks Metro Park in Big Darby Creek in May and June of last year.  The problem is, this is a winter bird in Ohio.  The bird was either ill or confused about where to be.  He often hung out on this tree trunk in the creek.

A one-legged Ring-Billed Gull- I’ve seen this bird in various parking lots around Columbus for a few years now.  The bird hops along and copes well with its situation.  I always wonder how it got that way!

And, last but not least, two birds I get lots of pictures of:

Song Sparrow singing

American Robin

Thanks for reliving some birding photo highlights from 2017 with me!