Ever see a wildflower blooming completely out of season?

I’ve seen them here and there over the years.  I call them ‘erratics’ because it surely seems like something erratic is going on when a flower blooms months after its blooming season is done!

I’ve done a cursory check to see what’s going on here, but other than temperature and moisture affecting the length of growing seasons, I’m not finding much information on this phenomenon.

Here’s my most recent example-

Above is a White Violet seen blooming this past October 14th.  Violets typically bloom in April and May in Ohio, June at the latest, so October is strange indeed!

I’ve seen other wildflowers such as a Wild Parsnip growing in October/November and even a Purple Iris in a garden during those same months.  Perhaps they are some kind of mutation in particular flowers?  Some kind of very late starters growing from recent seeds?  They are rare so I don’t think it’s a climate issue.

Anyway, this is a mystery to me- keep an eye out for such things out of place.  This happens in the bird world- birds who don’t migrate who should have, perhaps due to injury or some other issue- but flowers, who knows?

I’d be happy to get any input on this 🙂