Cooper’s Hawk

This past year I moved to a new place that has a privacy fence around a back patio.  I’ve set up a bird feeder and have a decent amount of birds showing up daily looking for food- more on that in next month’s post.

Two days ago, I saw a Cooper’s Hawk checking out my patio.  I got some decent pictures, and figured I’d share.




Cooper’s Hawks are a common suburban raptor.  I often see them flying low to the ground, trying to flush out birds from foliage.  They are silent and very acrobatic.  I’ve seen them stop and jump into a bush to flush out potential prey.  This one is an immature bird, told by the streaked breast.  Adults have finely barred reddish breasts.




This bird had scattered several sparrows when it landed on the fence, but it kept searching.  Little did I know, but a House Sparrow was hidden in the foliage down below.  The hawk seemed to sense this.




This magnificent bird just didn’t give up.  I kept taking pictures.



It prowled around on the ground- and then suddenly, the hidden House Sparrow took off like a shot- the hawk following mere inches behind it as they flew away through a stand of evergreens.  I never found out what happened.

The hawk makes a daily stop to check out who is at the feeder.  Birds have become more cautious in the area.  Squirrels of course yammered and carried on, letting everyone know something deadly was in the area.