Gray Squirrel

To wrap up June, I thought I’d show some non-feathered youngsters that left their nest recently.

Most people are familiar with Eastern Gray Squirrels– they are rather tame when it comes to humans.  Which is a good thing, because they like to nest in and on buildings.

But instead of doing a species profile- I’ll do that another day- I thought I’d focus on a family that’s come to my notice this month.

0614-4 (2)

Here’s an area of my apartment complex- note the boxes high up on the wall. More on this in a bit.

0614-4 (3)

A squirrel lives in this area that I call Mom Squirrel.  She’s been around here at least a few years, and visits my place for peanuts.  Here she is coming out of the bushes.

0614-4 (4)

She’s rather used to me, as you can tell.  Sure, I have a peanut in my pocket for you.

0614-4 (14)

Now, to the reason I call her Mom Squirrel.  Up on the box on the wall, someone peered out timidly.

0614-4 (5)

Eventually, the little one came out, but looked rather unsure of itself.  Having been born in a box, the great outdoors can be intimidating, I imagine.

0614-4 (7)

Looking down and seeing Mom get a peanut.  Hmmm, looks a bit scary.

0614-4 (8)

A 2nd young one decides to come out and see what the show is all about.

0614-4 (10)

And after a bit, a 3rd shows up.  There’s safety in numbers!

0614-4 (12)

This is Mom Squirrel’s 2nd year in a row that she’s used this box as a nest.  Keeping Gray Squirrels from getting inside buildings (where they can chew alarming things such as wires) is a constant battle for my apartment complex.


Some days later, I noticed a couple of skittish young squirrels moving around the area.  They are siblings that stuck together for a while.  These were probably 2 of the young squirrels from the nest box.  It’s time to go out and find where Mom finds all her food!

0614-4 (15)

Here’s more little squirrel fun from this morning- these 2 really stick together,and bounce around…and a 3rd one is nearby.

0614-4 (17)

0614-4 (18)

0614-4 (1)

Sure enough, new young squirrels have showed up at my place- here’s one I call White Foot (for obvious reasons).  I’m almost sure that they are Mom Squirrel’s kids that followed her to the Promised Land of Peanuts.  These new visitors are a bit nervous, but they’ll calm down over time as they settle into the routine of an adult squirrel living in suburbia.

It’s been quite a month for nature’s kids!