Blue Jays

The last 2 posts here in June have been filled with young critters.  June is definitely a big month for young ones.  I’ve decided to make the whole month ‘post about youngsters’ because I have enough photos about them!

Last week, I had quite an experience with a young Robin and a young Blue Jay in my mother’s front and back yard.  I visited her a week later, and, much to my surprise, the young blue Jay was still around- with some buddies.

0614-3 (11)

Here’s a Locust Tree in my mother’s yard.  I noticed something in its branches and looked closer…

0614-3 (3)

0614-3 (4)

Surely enough- it was a young Blue Jay.  Chances are excellent that this bird is from the same brood that I saw a week ago, the parents of which pecked the back of my head when I rescued it from cats!

0614-3 (1)

0614-3 (2)

Suddenly, there were two youngsters in the tree, hanging out.  They were quiet; they even started dozing.  No doubt their parents were around, though that won’t last for much longer.  There comes a time when a bird has to reach maturity.  Notice how their feathers are looking more and more like adult plumage, compared to the little one from last week’s post.

0614-3 (5)

0614-3 (6)

Eventually I noted 3, and then 4 young birds in the tree- this was the most young Blue Jays I’ve ever seen at once.  It looks like a whole brood had survived and was now fluttering about on their own!

0614-3 (9)

If you look closely in the above picture, the 4 youngsters are starting to flap their wings because their parents are in the tree with them- one of them is on the far right of the picture.  I was very happy to see all of these birds safely up in a tree, away from…


…this guy and his friends in the backyard, blissfully napping and unaware of the feathered snacks on the other side of the house.

0614-3 (7)

This young one is really happy to see his parents, and started begging vigorously.  I didn’t notice the parents feeding them, though they kept a watchful eye upon them.  It may be that they are weaning their offspring off of being fed now.  Little birds, it’s time to find your own food…the idyls of childhood are over.  Glad you all made it, and hope to see you around.

One more post about youngsters next week!