House Finches

June is a popular month for fledgling and juvenile birds.  Many bird parents started nesting in May and the fruits of their labor have paid off by now.  I often see this around the apartment complex where I live- and here’s an example from the past week.

House Finches are often found associated with people, and nest on human structures like this- I stayed a bit of a distance away so as not to spook the birds.

0614-1 (1)

0614-1 (26)

Here’s the proud mother and father

0614-1 (25)

Here’s the nest under the eaves of a gazebo- the nestlings were tiny last week

0614-1 (12)

Dad arrives to feed them

0614-1 (13)

The nestlings are still laying low

0614-1 (15)

Dad has some regurgitated food for them, and they are hungry

0614-1 (16)

0614-1 (20)

0614-1 (21)

0614-1 (23)

0614-1 (24)

0614-1 (11)

Days later, the nestlings are getting bigger- there are 4 of them

0614-1 (4)

Look at that greeting!  They won’t be in the nest much longer

0614-1 (5)

0614-1 (7)

0614-1 (9)

0614-1 (10)

Keeping an eye out for some more food!

0614-1 (28)

0614-1 (29)

Soon they’ll be following around their folks like this earlier batch of youngsters, learning the ropes on what is good to eat and where to find it.  Keep an eye out around your place this month and see if you spot any new feathered families!