Virginia Bluebells

Let’s round out our look at spring woodland wildflowers with a classic!

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This looks like a garden denizen- and gardeners have certainly tamed this native plant and put it to good use.  These are Virginia Bluebells, with their striking pastel colors.  The violet-colored flowers are young; when the flower matures, it takes on its classic sky-blue hue.

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These plants are found in eastern North American woodlands, where they often form colonies.  They are tall for spring ephemerals, reaching 2 feet in height.

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These plants prefer damp conditions, and enjoy shady areas.  The leaves are rounded and prominent.

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The flowers are tubular shaped and clustered- butterflies are often its pollinators.  That’s a bit hard to reach for many insects.  Hummingbirds have been seen feeding upon their nectar.

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Bluebells bloom for about 3 weeks in the spring, and afterwards each flower is replaced by a packet of 4 seeds, to eventually spread to begin the cycle anew.

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By definition, spring ephemerals are relatively brief bloomers.  They tend to make up for it in good looks, and Virginia Bluebells are one of the prettiest.  They are blooming in central Ohio right now.