This past week has turned central Ohio into a winter wonderland.  Snow on the ground arrived a bit early this year.

This past week an uncommon bird was spotted out at Prairie Oaks Metro Park.  I decided to brave the weather and go look for it.  Though I didn’t find it, I did take some wintry pictures that I thought I’d share.

It was windy and temperatures were in the mid-20s when I took these…I was alright if I kept moving, but got chilled otherwise!

1213-1 (29)

Gusty winds and blowing snow- how seasonal!

1213-1 (30)

The water was mostly-ice free, but you know it was cold

1213-1 (28)

1213-1 (72)

The white bark of the Sycamore Trees blended in well with the snowy landscape

1213-1 (34)

The sun unfortunately didn’t warm things up much

1213-1 (33)

1213-1 (39)

1213-1 (40)

The nearby creek had an interesting color- water is like that, and can surprise you

1213-1 (5)

1213-1 (7)

Bushes were mostly bare of leaves, but there were plenty of Honeysuckle berries out this early in the winter

1213-1 (13)

1213-1 (14)

1213-1 (68)

1213-1 (69)

Plants were done for the year, though offering seeds to the wind and wildlife

1213-1 (18)

1213-1 (16)

1213-1 (17)

Canada Geese didn’t seem to mind the weather too much

1213-1 (48)

1213-1 (49)

Robins ate berries, a plentiful food supply

1213-1 (59)

This Song Sparrow looked a bit wind-ruffled

1213-1 (64)

Tree Sparrows ate Aster seeds in the brushy areas

1213-1 (66)

This White-Throated Sparrow posed handsomely for me

1213-1 (58)

1213-1 (54)

1213-1 (21)

1213-1 (70)

Winter is here…weather-wise, at least!