Nashville Warbler

September is a big autumn migration month- this is when warblers pass through Ohio on their way to the southern US or sometimes even all the way to South America.  Needless to say, for birders this is an active and exciting time.

Every once in a while, I get lucky and spot something out of the ordinary.  This brief series of posts will highlight a few incidents from this month that I thought were worth sharing.

First up is a common migrant, a Nashville Warbler.

0913-3 (1)

Here’s the colorful fellow peeking out from the foliage as I first saw it.  Handsome bird.

0913-3 (2)

Notice how the vegetation is dew-soaked…the Nashville Warbler noticed this too.

0913-3 (3)

Hmmm, this looks good…

0913-3 (4)

Suddenly, to my surprise, it started taking a dew bath.

0913-3 (5)

This bird vigorously fluttered its feathers against the wet leaves, giving itself a pseudo-bath, splashing water drops hither and yon.

0913-3 (6)

Here the Nashville looks out from the leafy limb as if it is soaking itself in its makeshift tub- which is just what it was doing.

I bet that felt good!

Stay tuned for more warbler incidents over the next couple of weeks.