It’s late in the month of May, and spring has pretty much run its course- summer is just around the corner (hard to believe it came on so fast), and spring migration is finishing up.

0513-4 (7)

Out in the woods, the canopy and undergrowth are already summer-thick.  This means the end of the spring ephemeral wildflowers that flourished in the forests when there were far less leaves to block out the sun; unfortunately, it also means that it’s harder to spot birds moving through the trees.

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Wildflowers flourishing now are those that are of a summery disposition.

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Blackberry brambles are starting to bloom.

0513-4 (1)

Honeysuckle Bush blooms are yellowing, meaning they will soon be done flowering.

Birds have been migrating through Ohio on their way further north.

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0513-4 (23)

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I saw this Indigo Bunting zealously defending his territory from another male of his species- they sang at each other from close by, and flew around each other, testing their boundaries.

0513-4 (24)

I saw these Cedar Waxwings just yesterday along a deserted horse racetrack, feasting on Mulberries- lovely birds!

Many birds here are nesting and raising families.  You can see the signs when you take a walk.

0513-4 (12)

These Song Sparrows anxiously called at me from bushes near a path as I walked by- they most likely had young ones close by.

0513-4 (16)

Many birds are carrying food for young ones right now.

0513-4 (13)

Red-Winged Blackbirds flew over my head making a racket yesterday- they fiercely defend their territory.

0513-4 (18)

Here’s why Red-Wings cause such a fuss- a young Blackbird looks around in wonder at its new world before flying off as I got closer.

0513-4 (15)

I found this egg on the path yesterday- perhaps it is a Starling egg, as there was one singing nearby.  Perhaps a Cowbird pushed it out?  Or maybe the parents tossed out a bad egg?  I picked it up and took it home, keeping it warm on the top of a toaster oven just in case it’s still viable.  I’m not expecting anything to happen, but I’ll let you know if it hatches.

It’s been a great spring!