Salt Fork State Park

Last weekend I was at Salt Fork State Park – Ohio’s largest state park- with my family.  You may remember we went there a year ago and we had so much fun that we returned again this year.

We were there last year in late May.  This year due to a more restricted schedule we showed up in early April, so the park looked somewhat different with a lack of leaves on the trees.  One good thing about this was that it made it easier to see deer, I saw 16.

Here’s some photos from last weekend.  I’d recommend checking out the state parks in your state!

0413-2 (24)

The lodge at Salt Fork- it’s a hotel, conference center, restaurant, recreation facility and gift shop combined.  This unique facility was built in 1970.

0413-2 (13)

0413-2 (30)

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0413-2 (11)

0413-2 (3)

This House Finch sang outside the lodge entrance.

0413-2 (27)

There are miles of roads within this huge park- it’s as big as some counties.

0413-2 (15)

0413-2 (33)

Salt Fork Reservoir winds throughout the park.  There were a decent amount of fishing boats out on the water.

0413-2 (28)

There are 2 marinas in the park.

0413-2 (17)

There’s an 18-hole golf course on the top of a large hill.

0413-2 (39)

These Turkey Vultures were sunning themselves on the course.

0413-2 (29)

A good amount of the park is a designated hunting area with dirt roads cutting through the hills and woodland.

0413-2 (31)

We stayed in a pet-friendly cabin.

0413-2 (19)

0413-2 (35)

0413-2 (1)

This Crow was very interested in a piece of bread I threw down the hill. The bird took it to the nearby reservoir and dunked it in the water to make it easier to eat.

  0413-2 (4)

Canada Geese hung out at the reservoir.

0413-2 (5)

This goose was nesting along the shore- I backed off after getting this photo, not wanting to alarm it.

0413-2 (6)

Here’s a Song Sparrow in the woods.

0413-2 (41)

Here’s a pair of Eastern Phoebes.  There were a lot of these early-returning flycatchers in the park.

0413-2 (40)

Just like last year, Turkey Vultures were quite numerous in the sky.

0413-2 (9)

I enjoyed hiking in the woods.

0413-2 (14)

0413-2 (2)      0413-2 (20)

0413-2 (21)

0413-2 (22)

0413-2 (23)  0413-2 (25)

0413-2 (26)        0413-2 (34)

  0413-2 (36)

0413-2 (16)

Deer were plentiful.  This one was not shy at all.

0413-2 (37)

This Red-Breasted Nuthatch posed nicely for me while eating pine cone seeds.

0413-2 (38)

I heard a few Towhees singing in the park like this fellow here.

0413-2 (8)

My brother’s dog enjoyed the vacation!

0413-2 (7)

There’s nothing like a fire at night, especially when it’s chilly out.

0413-2 (32)

And a good time was had by all.