March brings early spring with it, and- hopefully- the end of winter weather.  And spring has swept into Ohio in a big way this month!

On the surface of things, many trees still look bare, and fields still have that brown wintry look.

But around the edges, growth is happening.  Bushes are starting to sprout leaves, and some trees are budding and flowering.

In the woods, Purple Cress and Spring Beauties are blooming after the Snowdrops have faded, while other flowers-to-be are eagerly pushing through the leaf layer, anxious to bloom.  As the month lengthens, more flowers can be spotted here and there.

Animals and insects are appearing in greater numbers.

Birds are singing strongly in the morning- they don’t mind winter’s decline at all.

Early migrants have returned ahead of the great waves coming later in the spring.

It’s about time to raise a family, as nature’s great circle turns.

Others are just happy to be out in the warmer weather!