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November in Ohio.

November 19, 2011

November is the month that brown, tan and black begin to overtake the various shades of green in nature’s palette.

Autumn’s color show has peaked and is fading.  Trees have lost many of their leaves.

Honeysuckles are still colorful- light green leaves standing out in an earth tone landscape.  Brambles offer the occasional color.

Wildflower blooms are withering, their long season in the sun coming to a close.  Seeds abound to assure future generations.

Birds and animals are acting differently.  Insects are dwindling.

Frost is now showing up, though it melts off after the morning.  Thin ice may cover water for a while.

November offers a preview of winter.  It’s a long time until the spring, though nature has beauty in all seasons.

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  1. November 19, 2011 7:11 pm

    Great shots, great post!

  2. November 19, 2011 8:32 pm

    Yes, a great post. Very beautiful, with new things to discover as I scroll back and view your photos again.

  3. November 19, 2011 11:42 pm

    lovely textures in these images.

  4. November 19, 2011 11:47 pm

    Lovely series!

  5. November 20, 2011 3:08 am

    This is a lovely depiction of fall. I saw my first white-throated sparrow today. They usually spend the winter here.

    • November 26, 2011 1:27 pm

      I’ve been playing cat-and-mouse with White-Throated Sparrows this autumn, trying to get a good picture of one. Shy things!

  6. November 20, 2011 9:26 am

    these are breathtaking!

  7. November 20, 2011 11:54 pm

    Wonderful series of photos! It’s so interesting to see autumn scenes from Ohio!

  8. November 21, 2011 9:56 pm

    Love every photograph, I think because they are so familiar. I love the colors of Autumn, but I must admit that the browns and earth colors after the brilliant display is just as visually appealing. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. November 23, 2011 9:05 am

    I love the subtlety of nature at this time of year. It is all about texture and light and you’ve captured it beautifully.

  10. November 23, 2011 3:03 pm

    Beautiful photos and post!

  11. November 25, 2011 2:25 pm

    These are wonderful! It’s amazing how this season of fading colors and falling leaves can be so beautiful and full of life.

  12. November 26, 2011 7:12 am

    Hi. I love those long shadows from the trees and the frost on grass and oak leaves. The first three photos are very desolate. Jane

  13. November 26, 2011 1:29 pm

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Glad that earth tone colors have their fans too 🙂

  14. November 27, 2011 4:18 pm

    Beautiful series of photos. I always feel like I’ve come home when I view your posts, and then realize that it’s because I *am* home. 🙂

    Interesting lens flare in that second photo.

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