September is a transition month.  Although it may feel warm enough, early autumn is here.

You can hear it in the air- crickets chirping, even during the day.  The cicada calls have dwindled away.

You can smell it in the woods, that herbal scent that wasn’t there in the summer.

You can feel it in the morning coolness.  You may need a jacket, but you’ll be back to shirtsleeves by the afternoon.

You can see it in how insects and animals behave.  The pace is a little more earnest.  It’s time to start storing up for the approaching cold weather.

You can see it in the autumn migration of birds, winging their way south.

You can see it in the birds that are gathering together in communal flocks now that they are done raising their young.

You can see it in the leaves- just a hint of what’s to come.

You see it in the way summer’s plants are making way for autumn’s blooms.

Seeds- some of them sticky- are more prominent.

And berries- not blackberries this time around- are making a comeback.

Enjoy the waning warmth of early autumn!  Bigger changes lie ahead.