August.  Summer is hanging on, but you can feel the change coming.

There’s a certain feel to late summer; it’s a pleasant vibe.

Mornings are cooler, a relief from the recent heat.  Out in the farm fields, crops are maturing.

This heron is enjoying some late summer sunbathing.  Let the season take care of itself for now.

Insects are prominent this month.  The cicadas are louder than ever; the cricket chorus is building.  Grasshoppers are plentiful.  Butterflies, the occasional katydid, they are hard to miss.

Spiderwebs are noticeable in the morning dew.

In meadows, wild grasses are prominent.

Wetlands are drying up, water levels going down.  The abundance of spring and early summer is over.

Birds seem to know that change is coming soon. There are some late nesters, but they are the exception.  One notices less singing in the morning air.  Blackbirds are flocking together now that they have raised their young.  Canada Geese are starting to join together in fields- one morning, they will decide to fly south.

Wildflowers are in transition this month.  Late summer has not given way to autumn’s goldenrods and asters just yet.  Here are some of the transition flowers in bloom now- how many do you recognize?  And it’s curious how yellow is the predominant color.

Autumn is not far off.  It won’t be long now.