House Wren

This fellow is perhaps one of  the most energetic birds I have ever seen.  A male House Wren, frequently bursting out in effervescent song.  The notes pour from him in a tumbling cascade, as if they cannot escape fast enough.  I wish I had such enthusiasm!

He and his mate were in a yard that I strolled by this morning.  He was so full of song that he sang while flying from one perch to another in the yard.  This guy was serious about letting the world know that this yard was his- a signal to other wrens to not even think of coming around here.

Here he is on this cloudy May morning, pausing in his flurry of notes to fix an eye upon me.  I was getting a bit closer to get a better view of him.  He started making small percolating sounds, which I took for agitation or a warning, so I stopped encroaching upon his territory and walked on.  I could still hear him percolating away as I walked off into the distance.  He wasn’t going to forget my trespassing so soon.

This is an aggressive species, well-known to nest in bird houses in suburban yards or in other cavities.  They have been known to drive off other songbirds attempting to nest.  Their wide range over North America and thriving numbers showcase their success.  Not much in the looks department, House Wrens are smaller than a sparrow, brownish with a stubby tail.  But being small does not mean that they are unobtrusive.  Listen for them on May mornings, and marvel at all of that fuss!